Super Metroid Samus & Mother Brain Back Tattoo

March 15, 2012


This is a Super Metroid inspired back tattoo by Tatouage Monster Ink in Quebec, Canada. a better job than some of the "artists" I've seen around here. *eyeballing own tattoo* "Who's morn?" IT'S SUPPOSED TO SAY MOM. I'm not sure what they blurred out in the bottom of the pic, but my guess is dude's buttcrack. Obviously it's a long one.

Tatouage Monster Ink's Facebook Page

Thanks to Stéphanie, who likes to drop tips on the Facebook page instead of actually sending them because email is too conformist.

  • Jean-Philippe Tessier-Guay

    I am the owner of that tattoo. Short answer, the blur was done by the artist himself. The previous lower back piece is done by him too. He wanted the focus on his new work. Moreover, it is not from the same franchise/universe. It was done 2 years before, I did not have Metroid in mind at that time. Metroid was actually a back-up plan... I was supposed to get a spoof of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, replacing God by Conan and Adam by Bettie Page. Unfortunately my back was too narrow to make it look good.

    For the curious out there, the blur part (once unblur...) is Tank Girl sitting on her tank with the gun between her leg. And the negative white splashing coming out of it is accidental :P

  • DreamPhreak

    The blurry part, from an educated guess, would have to be a different tattoo artist's art. Blurring it out saves this new artist from being tacked with some kind of legal stuff from advertising the first tattoo artist's art as his own. Also, if the new artist thought his art was better than the previous guy's right under his, he would have blurred it out to prevent people from thinking he mightve done a crappy job, thus losing business, but obviously not being a dick, because the new artist just worked around it without tattooing over the old one.

  • The blurry part was just another tattoo from the same artist, but not Metroid related...

  • DreamPhreak

     Yes, I do believe I had that implied in my long message.

  • jerodast

    COME ON, Geekologie, every self-respecting geek knows who Morn is.

  • Dan

    That's some really fine ink work...*wants artist to do porno scene of Zelda and Link on his back*

  • Its Sam's(Samus') giant penis shooting white sparks on mother brain obviously....the poor guy never played well enough to get the ending where she strips to a purple thong and you find out its a chick under all that armor

  • You don't go fighting Mother Brain in your zero suit...

  • The blurry part was another tattoo, not Metroid related...

  • n_a_a_s

    It's done really well except for the blurry part, that must be when the painkillers started kicking in

  • Now I want to see the whole movie.

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