STOP THE PRESSES: DIY Lucky Charms Marshmallows

March 21, 2012


In what will undoubtedly become the story of the year, some genius has gone and created a tutorial on how to make your own Lucky Charms marshmallows (marbits). That's right, ladies and gentlemen -- no more sifting through box after box trying to separate the marshmallows from the cat food. Sure you could just buy a bag of nothing-but-marshmallows, but everybody knows homemade is better. Except for the people who've ever eaten anything I've made from scratch -- those people will argue homemade is actually worse and "may contain cat fur" and "made me so sick I had to go to the doctor and GW refused to help pay any of the medical bills". Oh I'm sorry, I forgot your stomach couldn't handle fine dining. "You had food stored in your bathroom." IT'S CALLED THE CRISPER.

Hit the jump for a bowlful of the finished product, a shot of the prep, and a link to the tutorial.



Homemade Lucky Charms - Are You Up for the Challenge? [cupcakeproject]

viaHomemade Lucky Charms Marshmallows [craft]

Thanks to bb, who promised to help me catch that leprechaun in a pillowcase and then beat the location of his gold out of him with a stick.

  • Guest

    ah, this reminds me of the time I made peppermint marshmallows. If I made myself some good o' lucky charms....they'll be giants. :D

  • As a child - my bro always picked out the yummy bits and left me with "the cat food" ... I'll never forget this ...

  • Guest

    Without the cereal, it would be just candy. Which brings me to the point that there should be a project with just the Lucky Charms marshmallows. 8D

  • Tracy Mazur

    ....I can make naughty-shaped Lucky Charms marshmallows?  FINALLY!  Porn cereal for me!

  • I read the instructions - and it will take far more time for me to make the damn marshmallows than it is to just sift through the cereal.... who has that kind of time!?!?

  • "No more sifting through box after box trying to separate the marshmallows from the cat food."


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