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Shooting Basketballs With World's Largest Slingshot


This is a video of the bros from Dude Perfect cutting down a tree and making a giant slingshot out of it (and giving this guy a boner in the process), then using the slingshot to shoot a basketball into a goal from like 2-miles away. "GW? I can see the basket in the picture, that's not two miles." I WEAR AN EYEPATCH, OKAY? My depth preception is shit! "Preception?" Spelling too, God!

Hit the jump for two videos, a 1-minute version, and a much-less-watchable 5-minute one.


Thanks to Nate and AJ, who shoot basketballs the way they were meant to be shot: out of a cannon with flames painted on the side.

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  • jafend1303

    Mythbusters created the world's largest slingshot.  This is busted.

  • jpgcne

    Season 3 episode 15

  • n_a_a_s

    these guys are waay to excited for what's been done here, true rednecks mount shit like this on pickup trucks all over the state of Iowa & launch livestock into neighboring towns

  • Guest

    50+ points for using duct tape. 

  • This deserves a guest spot on the Slingshot Channel.

  • Mostafa Alattar

    Now just load some birds in there and the pigs are done for!

  • The tree didn't seem so excited.

  • Guest

    Such an awesome object never deserves to fail, even on the first shot. Now to make new videos about slinging giant fruits.

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