Lazy Licensing: OPI Spider Man Branded Nail Polish

March 2, 2012


Hey, you know what would be cool about the new Spider Man reboot? If some nail polish manufacturer released a line of colors that were not-at-all Spider Man related except for the iffy names. OPI to the rescue! "The perfect pink for sticky situations" and "Just Spotted The Lizard" aside, why do they even bother doing this? It's not like these colors don't already exist under different names. Just go buy the store-brand polish. KIDDING! Never, EVER, buy store brand nail polish. There are some beauty supplies us ladies can skimp on but nail polish isn't one of them. Saving a buck by making our own tampons out of toilet paper tubes and cotton balls, sure. "Tampons aren't a beauty supply." Haha -- I don't even know what they're for!

With Great Polish Comes Great Responsibility [toplessrobot]

Thanks to Ryan, who colors his fingernails the old fashioned way: with bruises from beneath that eventually make the nail come off. PUKE PUKE PUKE.

  • OPI nail polishes are $8 not $25.... but I agree, these polishes are ridiculous. I'm sure the people that made these don't even know the first thing about Spiderman

  • Mandy86

    Ugh, I agree Geekologie. I love nail polish but it's so stupid when people buy these "limited edition" versions. These colours are already released under some other ridiculous name like "Forest Sunset". It's such a waste of money. (Not to mention, OPI nail polishes are about $25 each!)

  • Boy are they rubbish.

  • Hanadulset

    it's a salon brand nail polish that always names things like this. it's their gimmick, i suppose.

  • n_a_a_s

    answer to GWs first question:  definitely spidernothing nailpolish

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