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It's No Ewok Village, But It'll Do: Tentsile Hanging Tents


Tents: traditionally they go on the ground, usually on rocks or tree roots because you suck at picking a camping spot. But Tentsile tents, -- Tentsile tents go IN THE AIR, keeping you high & dry and safely away from hungry bears/zombies. Just kidding, they will throw sticks at you until the tent rips and you fall out. They come in 2-person, 3-4 person, and 5-8 person varieties and are advertised as "the tent for any environment". Although, if you look at the pictures, they look like "tents for places with trees."

Hit the jump for several more shots including interior ones and yes, an actual tree-free version that may or may yes involve driving a giant pole into the ground like ten feet.







Product Site

Thanks again to Woulfe, who, for two tips in one day, is officially the leader of the pack.

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  • El_Diablo

    Bear Pinata!

  • $12,000 USD for the biggest size and $2,500 USD for the smallest size. Fuck that shit.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    I'm like 80% sure the bottom picture is photoshopped.

  •  That's what I thought. They should have just put them on the moon.

  • That is just what I thought when I saw these too, was that it would make a great zombie-proof tent. Off the ground, out of reach, and zombies suck at climbing rope ladders.

  • Ninja_Cricket

    Those really aren't new. Amazon is loaded with Hammock tents.

  • Unless you are a giant, how do you get it up in the trees?

  • BeefSupreme

    duh.....the rope ladder?  umm..........wait................................

  • tehashi

    Very interesting, but their site is severely lacking in details, like pricing for one.  Also, the "order" link is just a mailto: link to their inbox.

  • Guest

    It's a hammock and a tent...a tammock.

    An idea about 2 years old really.

  • But we don't have bears in Britain.

  • Ninja_Cricket

     That's exactly what the bears want you to think, then bam, no more picnic basket.

  • Dy7lan (the seven is silent)

    I can see the obvious benefits of this.... Such as, waking up in the middle of the night having to go to the bathroom and falling to the ground breaking a limb or two (because the rope ladder looks so secure). I dunno. Good idea, but seems as if a bit more design work needs to be done.

  • Putting up a regular tent is hard enough for me. I'm doomed...

  • Asperflux

    Long last the Robots!

  • n_a_a_s

    I wonder if it bounces or swings when making love to the girl inside...(?)

  • I ain't into makin' love i'm in to havin' sex.

  • Davo555

    That sounds like a question one who has not made love to a woman inside a bouncing swinging tent would ask.

  • n_a_a_s

    I can truthfully confess that of all the typical and unusual places that I've made love to a woman before,  a swinging tent has not been one of them :/

  • Leonidas Argidisouvlaki

    By "swinging tent", do you mean a tent which is physically swinging, or a tent in which a bunch of loose people swap wives / girlfriends?

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