Batmobile Drag Race w/ 60's TV Version And 1989 Movie

March 21, 2012


This is a video of two Batmobiles drag racing. Specifically, one from the 1960's television series and one from the original 1989 Tim Burton movie. Although, truthfully, I don't think they actually raced, based on the camera work it looks staged. Also, there's almost eight minutes of talking before the race even begins. What do they have to talk about for eight minutes? Zero clue, I watched the whole thing with no volume so I wouldn't wake the cockroaches. They'll steal my bagel.

Hit the jump for the video, "race" starts around 7:45, bonus bikini car-wash with the flag girl after the race around 9:00 (yes really).

Drag Race: 1960s Batmobile vs. 1989 Batmobile [nerdapproved]

Thanks to Wilmersama, who agrees the Tumbler would have rolled over both these dinosaurs like a f***ing monster truck.

  • I'm glad I was at work...

  • Really really really wish they showed the entire race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Start to finish!!!!!!!!! not just clips of the run.
    And of course the full video of the car wash
    Plus it would prove the real funny way the cars kept switching postions right to left down the track? Or was there more than one run? like best two out of three ect.

  • During the race the 89 is on the left, but at the finish line the 60's Batmobile is on the left.

    Something is fishy. 

  • Jared Gonzales

    I remember reading as a kid that the 1989 bat mobile could only reach speeds of 25MPH because it was so fucking big and bulky.

  • Richard Anderson

    That was painfully annoying to watch. It would have been better to not have watched that.

  • thatcando


  • scsunurse85

    Painfully staged video all the way through. They totally set it up in the video the idiot moron director switched the cars
    in the "photo finish." At the start of the race the classic started was on the L side
    of the road for the whole race and the 85 bat car was on the R side. In
    the "photo finish" bullshit, the classic car can clearly be seen on the R
    side of the road so ya this whole thing was staged. What a heaping load
    of crap, but the girl in the bikini was nice, nice ass too!

  • would have been different it the movie one actually had the jet engine in it rather then a prop

  • There were cars in that video?

  • JimmyThr

    Is it wrong that i only noticed they were batmobiles, nay cars, rather anything else but ass until i read the title

  • Spartikiss


  • jerodast


  • JJtoob

    She was a bit shy at times but at other times, daaaamn! That booty shake, man, I'd pay for a carwash like that. They should do that kind of service in Vegas or something.

  • loved the ending, after the race :)

  • Exophrine

    It doesn't get interesting until 4:36

  •  It doesn't get interesting until 9:06

  • This is literally the best video ever, a hot red head, Batman( well Batmobiles, Batman is the best super hero) and racing :O

  • Fuck yes!

  • Sebastian Rabern

    I know this isn't really the point, but did anyone else notice that the cars switch sides in the photo finish?

  • Did anyone notice the laptop he was hammering keys on... was displaying nothing?

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