Zelda Violin Girl Back With Lord Of The Rings Medley

February 8, 2012


Remember Zelda violin girl? Well she's back, this time with a Lord of the Rings medley shot in the hills of New Zealand overlooking the ocean. She's not as animated as she was last time, but still very, VERY animated. Like, more than any Pixar movie.

Hit the jump for high production value.


Thanks to Clarissa, who learned the hard way that singing songs atop a mountain may awaken a rock monster who lives in a nearby cave. And he will be pissed.

  • Sinamon

    not that she isn't skilled but if i wanted to hear the music from LOTR, i would just listen to the actual soundtrack instead of watching someone saw her violin in half while gyrating outdoors.

  • MEEfO

    Where does she get the money to travel around and do this?

  • phillip reyes

    I clicked because I thought this was gonna be another classical playing hottie but then realized in the close up how old she was. Yuck!

  • Shaun9lives

    She's in her mid 20's.  Are you a pedo?

  • Peter Bourque

    She uses instant transmission like Goku. 

  • Joseph Fioramonti

    i've already tracked down where she goes to college... 

    she will be mine o_o

  • Liked

  • It's one thing to be a good musician, it's another thing to look like a twat while in EVERY video you post.... I want to hear this bitch play live.  You're not fooling me Lindsay, you're studio work may be decently produced.... but WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU CONSTANTLY LOOKING AT in the corner of your damn eye? I wonder if she does anal for these videos. Food for thought.

  • painweaver

    I have an instrument for her to play her fantasy medleys on. It's made of wood, called "stradivarius", and I keep it sheathed in my pants when it isn't being played.

  •  You do know its fungi what gives a Stradivarius its notable sound, right?

  • at this point I'm more interested in knowing how she teleports

  • Trevmo

    Do you think she lives with a really mean guy that only lets her out of her box to fiddle for his videos or do you think she's kinda crazy and only lets her boyfriend out of his box to video her, because it's one of the two?!

  • Based on the nerd lisp, the former seems more likely. It's also possible that they're hopelessly codependent and neither do anything unless the other is involved.

  • At this point, I'm more interested in knowing how she gets access to all this great scenery than I am in her violin-playing theatrics.

  • rebekahshurman


  • colpetty

    Didn't know Lily from HIMYM was so talented, just thought she could only stick a flute in her pussy

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