Video Game Character Facebook Profiles

February 6, 2012


This is a series of pictures from the Facebook profiles of video game characters. Obviously they're fake, which I wish I would've known before spending a half hour trying to find and friend Nathan Drake and Solid Snake. OMG, how cool would it be to know those two guys in real life? "Wow,GW -- man-crush much?" Tehehehehehe.

Hit the jump for eight more.









Video Game Characters In Real Life on Facebook [imgur]

Thanks to Michael, Andrew and Sandra, who are friends with all kinds of video game characters on Facebook but don't realize they're just middle-aged men posing as video game characters. People are sick.

  • zeldasbff

    Zelda is so preggers.

  • neet chan

    ...Nathan Drake is engaged (or married, they never really clarified lol) to Elena Fisher, so confused about that one..

  • D-tor

     Clyde isn't yellow. He's orange. Come on now.

  • Hehe! Solid Snake.

  • Guest

    Do imagine a conversation between Kirby & Pacman. Those two would either be friends or foes....

  • Princess Peach photo is all wrong.  And I don't mean the shadows.

    When a camera/phone takes its own picture in a mirror, the sides of the camera/phone are always parallel to the sides of the picture.  (Think about it.)

  • Princessgiraffe

    Duh. Cropping.

  • You don't saaaaay!!!!!

  • I LOVE the metal gear Rex in the background of the Snake photo =p

  • Colombian Jai

    somebody needs to get a Job around here..... oh wait that's me!

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