Ultrasound Reveals Woman Giving Birth To Venom

February 7, 2012


Inb4 you are not the father.

This is a picture of a pregnant lady's ultrasound revealing beyond the shadow of a doubt that she's giving birth to Venom. That...is pretty bad news. Right up there with "your scheduled program could not be recorded due to insufficient space". OH GOD, NOT 'GOSSIP GIRL'! No word if Spiderman plans on catching the thing in a web as soon as it comes out, but now I'm flashing back to that birth video they made us all watch in 10th grade health class and I'm getting a little -- what's the word? "Pukey?" No -- INTERESTED. Just kidding, vomiting pretty hard over here.

Sonogram reveals that woman is giving birth to the supervillain Venom [io9]

Thanks to Tony, who agrees the miracle of life is way more interesting when what comes out is a mystery. Wait, WHAT?!

  • halogrly

    Just last month during an ultrasound, my husband said, "stop! take a picture, that looks just like Venom!"  Now I'm disappointed I didn't send it in so my sonogram would be posted instead, haha! Oh, and my first one looked just like old-school pixelated "flower-power" Mario.

  • Guest

    Now the parents have perfect plans for this little tyke's outfits.

  • lol, mum: venom i ate you. venom : now my turn to eat you :/

  • Kamen Rider...

  • That's nothing, my buddies wife, when she was preggers, the first ultrasound looked like Mega Man X with all the armor upgrades... Ultrasounds are weird... 

  • Sh17C0que

    JEALOUS!  I want my son to be Megaman X...with ALL the upgrades...

  • Ian A Boyd

    Jesus christ if that's Strong Bad that would be a nightmare to raise that kid.

  • Jonathan Owens

    I was gonna say Strong Bad too...haha

  • Rad Beauton

    Im convinced you (GW) spend just as much time on Reddit as i do.

  • Todd Grifka

    Looks more like Strong Bad to me.

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