But Will They Fit In My Mouth?: 'My First Transformers'

February 22, 2012


This is a peek at Hasbro's (OMG -- I has bros too!) upcoming 'My First Transformer' toy line. It was designed for young children and people like me who would try to eat and subsequently choke on the wheels of a regular Transformer. My first Transformer? My first transformer was a stick that turned into the sword that I'd stab my brother with.

Hit the jump for shots of the toys rolled out, one of which looks suspiciously like he has a peenor (it's the race car).






New Toy Galleries: Playskool "First Transformers" Dump-Kun, Jet-Kun, and Racer-Kun [seibertron]
Hasbro Just Justified Michael Bay's Horribleness [toplessrobot]

Thanks to Chris C., whose first Transformer was a G.I. Joe whose legs broke off. Um, Chris? That was not a Transformer, that was a handicapped action figure.

  • bumwine

    This isnt new or upcomming. The article you yook those pictures from was about that toyline, which came out in the 80's.

  • Jonas Perrin

    This isn't new, I had the middle one when I was a kid.

  • This shit is old as. I'm 21 and I had the truck one when I was about 4 lol

  • Dinosaur Rex

    These are not new, I have the truck, the back of his head has a small opening that can save up to one coin, I always had 1 cent on my toy, just if something was needed.

  • dsandman87

    My younger brother had the dump truck, and I had a die-cast Optimus Prime.  Together, we ruled the playground!!!

  • I use to have the race car one of these when i was a kid. they aren't new at all

  • Charlie Apps

    I had the plane. These are old as fuck.

  • Wow.   And I didn't think anyone could make Transformers any lamer than Michael Bay did...

  • Azariel_z

    you said it all...

  • til_next_time

    oh man i had the red race car one. i cant find it. i may have to buy these so i can relive my childhood. 

  • Joshua Maffe

    these are old, i still have the dump truck one at home

  • these came out in the 80's in Japan and were later released (early 90's) in the US.

  • Paul G Rigby

    If my parents had given me one of these instead of a die cast optimus prime with combat deck trailer, I would have made them take it back to the shop and transform it pronto.

    Also, the faces look a little special.

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