Too Blocky To Fight Crime: Pixelated Superheroes

February 7, 2012


This is a print of pixelated supercharacters from artist Pablo Cialoni called 'Pixel Heroes'. Except that's actually a misnomer because half of these guys are bad. Except that's actually bad math because it's closer to a quarter. That's 20%. Just kidding, that was bad math again.

Hit the jump for a closeup of a couple characters and what the print looks as an iPhone skin, as well as the link to Pablo's Society6 store in case you simply can't live without these guys on your wall/iPhone/titties.



Society6 Product Site
Pablo Cialoni's Pixel Superheroes: Heroic Bits [technabob]

  • Row 1
    1/ Harley
    2/ Riddler
    3/ Mystique
    4/ Venom
    5/ Juggernaut
    6/ Jean Grey as Phoenix
    7/ Professor X
    8/ Two Face
    9/ Gambit

    Row 2
    1/ Doc Oc
    2/ Batgirl
    3/ Bane
    4/ Cable
    5/ Spawn
    6/ Jean Grey
    7/ Mr Freeze
    8/ Penguin
    9/ Punisher

    Row 3
    1/ Sabretooth
    2/ Apocalypse
    3/ Deadpool
    4/ [NOT SURE]
    5/ Nightcrawler
    6/ Human Torch (possibly Firestar)
    7/ Colossus
    8/ Captain America
    9/ Wolverine

    Row 4
    1/ Cyclops
    2/ Superman (despite yellow cape and shield)
    3/ Robin
    4/ Beast
    5/ Batwoman
    6/ Invisible Woman
    7/ Vision
    8/ Archangel
    9/ Spiderman

    Row 5
    1/ Green Goblin
    2/ Magneto
    3/ Hellboy
    4/ Abe Sapien (not sure)
    5/ Joker
    6/ Daredevil
    7/ Owlman
    8/ Dr Manhatten
    9/ Quicksilver

    Row 6
    1/ Aquaman
    2/ Silk Spectre
    3/ Antman
    4/ Thor
    5/ Wasp
    6/ Black Panther
    7/ Hulk
    8/ Ironman
    9/ Wonderwoman

    Row 7
    1/ The Thing
    2/ Flash
    3/ Scarlet Witch
    4/ Namor
    5/ Rorschach
    6/ The Comedian
    7/ Thundercat dude (don't know name)
    8/ Catwoman
    9/ Ras Al Gul

    Row 8
    1/ V
    2/ Poison Ivy
    3/ Darkseid
    4/ Green Lantern
    5/ Hawkman
    6/ Sandman
    7/ Nightwing
    8/ Brainiac (not sure)
    9/ Dragonball dude (Goku)
    10/Darth Vader

  • Flalaski

    FAIL, should be called pop culture pixel art (again). vader? goku? cmon, NOT super heroes at all...

  • Conrado Parra

    El Chapulion Colorado! XD

  • patrick

    can someone please start posting a legend for these damn things, i can get all but two and it is driving me nuts. are there two different batman versions? is that guy in the green cloak dr strange or ras al gul?

  • Yeah, that's R'as al Ghul. And I do believe theres Batwoman, then Batman Beyond, then finally, Batman.

    Dr. Strange's coat is red and yellow, usually

  • Yeah, these aren't at all getting old...

  • Is That Your Bag?

    Does Darth Vader belong here?  I mean, it's cool and all, but if we're gonna go there, where's Sauron and Voldemort?

  • I see Goku. That's all that matters.

  • Guest

    haha! Liono placed right next to Catwoman!

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