Shootout At The PC Corral: Dad Blasts Holes In Daughter's Laptop For Anti-Parent Facebook Rant

February 10, 2012


Note: Some bad words when he reads what his daughter posted on Facebook.

This is a video of North Carolina father Tommy Jordan smoking a cigarette and reading the anti-parent rant his daughter posted about he and his wife on Facebook. Then he talks about it. Then, around the 7:00 mark, he starts putting holes in her laptop with a firearm. Whether you agree or disagree with his parenting style, you have to admit I need one of those hats.

Hit the jump for 22nd century parenting.

Father Shoots Daughter's Laptop: Now What? [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to everyone who sent me this, who really just like videos of people shooting things. Same.

  • Bruce Ferry

    Well Dad... the standard leadership rule is, praise in public punish in private.  For both of you, you should not air your families dirty laundry.   I am a father of two. I  raised those two kids who are now productive members of society with their own children.  Man to man ... you're a asshole.

  • The only thing this guy taught to his teenager daughter with his act was:

    *That he can be as immature as her.

    *That since the only leverage he's left to procure some respect as a father is economic dependency, she therefore must become independent —by any means necessary, including maybe quitting high school to get a job, clearly any parent's dream come true.

    Ironic how in order to get that big pistol he liked to show to the whole world, he needed to get a license. Reminded me of this line:

    "You know, Mrs. Buckman, you need a license to buy a dog, to drive a car -
    hell, you even need a license to catch a fish. But they'll let any
    butt-reaming asshole be a father"

  • Dark Cyberian Knight

    I was fixing your desk giving you a new reference book and I read your journal. I didn't like what you wrote so I'm taking your desk away and destroying it. You can have a new one when you paid me for what I destroyed.

    The daughter is a Diva. If it's so bad she should get emancipated. She may be lazy but find work isn't trivial.

    I'm no parent so it's easy for me to be anti-authoritarian. He's saying she doesn't deserve to speak, have privacy, and when he destroys his own property she owes him for it. 18 or 21 isn't some magical switch at which people become people. Those expecting respect should offer that same respect first.

  • Yes, everyone, I'm so glad we can all agree that pulling out a gun is a reasonable and mature solution to a verbal action. Especially those of your own children, guns are fantastic tools for parenting. My, you're all so morally upright!

  • What a douche!

  • Best trolldad:D

  • L2_Pay_attention

    I'm pretty surprised at the turn out of people that judge videos based simply on appearance. That being said, look at this mans house. He has land and toys all around him. Yet, his only focus is the letter  that was addressed "To my Parents." So, LIKE ANY GOOD PARENT he read the letter that was written to him. Now since they live in the same house doesn't it seem a bit silly that she posted the letter to her facebook. When I'm sure she could have just handed it to him. Us, As human beings earn the respect we give. His daughter proceeded to slander both HIMSELF and HIS WIFE (her step-mom)  via facebook to not only her friends, but I am sure against the "facebook network" (i.e. any location she is associated with her school, her city, her state, her favorite sports team or book club. ANY APP linked to her page. HER EXTENDED FAMILY. Which also means HIS EXTENDED family would be able to read every lovely word of what she wrote.) I wish more parents would help there kids with there computer or BUY THEM SOFTWARE NEEDED FOR SCHOOOOOL!

    All I know is that after installing anything on my child's computer. Having them ALMOST immediately bad mouth me on that SAME COMPUTER. I just put money time and energy into would be in pieces or shoved thru a wood chipper while I filmed it too.

    Also for all you people saying he installed keyloggers and what not your F$%#ing dumb. If he really wanted to he could request that information straight from facebook. 
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  • CarnAge


  • CarnAge


  • Hanadulset

    raise your hand if you haven't talked some massive shit about your parents to your friends in order to let off some steam.

  • Margaret Toy Rippon

    Sure, We have.But addressing those issues, in a very public, disrespectful letter, that is made of lies and  disrespect? Not even with me in another state. ESPECIALLY when this is the second time as she was previously warned?  No. When you put things in a public venue well, watch what is coming.

  • Because I do not know these people personally and I'm just seeing one part of the story I find it hard to make a judgement.

  • if he killed the computer, how is she going to see the video?

  • He mentioned that "i don't know if you'll ever see it"

  • onvison

    says he is in IT but thinks that destroying the laptop is the best way to stop Facebook posts. 
    How about you restrict access to facebook and let her do her homework on the computer. 
    destroying the laptop stops facebook but stops the knowledge that the computer provides. 
    Your wasting your own money idiot.

  • He seems to have enough money not to worry about this too much, and the destructive side is all about the symbolism i think. If he just restricts the computer or takes it away, there will always be the sort of hopeful possibility that she'll get it back somehow. Not anymore.  He could have just sold it, but this was more immediate and i'll bet it was a great stress-relief!  haha.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    So kids get upset at their parents sometimes? WHAT A SHOCK. And shooting the laptop was just about the most immature thing he could have done besides just pissing on it. What a lame attempt at the "super dad/tough love" approach. How about next time he tries something reasonable, and not what I'd expect to see in a Tyler Perry "Madea" movie.

  • Ralidius

    Bad mouthing parents after being warned about it... mark of a clueless contemporary kid.

  • american people are scary. This man with a gun? public enemy number one

  • Andrew Cornstubble


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