Protection Sock: The Sock That's Worn As A Shoe

February 13, 2012


Inb4 what's next, wearing panties for pants? Because I hope so.

This is the Protection Sock, a pair of extra-durable socks that prevent cuts, etc. and are meant to be worn instead of shoes because, you know, shoes are reaaaaally f***ing complicated. *eying knotted laces* I wasn't joking.

The socks are made from 8 percent spandex, 10 percent cotton, 32 percent polyester, and the most important ingredient, 50 percent kevlar. The bottoms have also been reinforced with a PVC laminate that helps make them cut-resistant. So your feet will feel as close to being naked while still having some level of protection. Just remember, the socks aren't cut-proof, so walking on broken glass or jagged rocks is still going to be risky.

Each pair runs about $78, and apparently requires a bit of practice to get used to walking in them.

LOLWUT @ "requires a bit of practice to get used to walking in". They're a tough pair of socks, not antigravity boots -- what could be so hard about wearing them? *trips down stairs* "Smooth bro." Flip-flops are completely different!

Hit the jump for a video demo and a link to the product site.

Product Site
Would You Wear An Extra Tough Pair Of Socks Instead Of Shoes? [gizmodo]

Thanks to Stephen, who wears underewa

  • Valent Inogaremi

    The socks are looking awesome but i don't think it will look good when you walk on public places.
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  • Kane Ramirez

    I'm a fan. Now lets see them survive five minutes in the Australian outback.

  • Keyser Soze

    So, a $78 dollar pair of kevlar socks that arent even cutproof? Whats the point?

    And im sorry, but people who wear those Vibram toe-shoes are even worse than people who wear Crocs

  • Kane Ramirez


  • Keyser Soze

    Pretty sure the only "douche" here is the guy paying almost $80 for a pair of socks

  • findingemotive

    Barefoot all the way. I only have footwear for work and winter, I even shop barefoot. My soles are like leather. And maybe I get kicked out of restaurants sometimes. The arches in my feet are like rainbows too.

  • Guest

    It still won't do well for those places with that "No shirt, no shoes, no service" policy. Anyway this is a pretty good product -- I would like to have this since I like to walk on the beach barefoot.

  • Staplegunn

    I blame this one on the hippies.

  • TBozzly

    Man only has 4 toes in the first picture.

  • rob in katy

    Do you think those cost extra?

  • JT

    Uhh...have you ever tried to walk in wet socks? It's like swimming in a tuxedo.

  • Uhh.... Have you ever tried swimming  in a tuxedo? How would you get a tuxedo that big?  How much scotch guard would it take to waterproof a Tux. that big?  Would you have an above or below ground Tuxedo swimming pool?

    I get it! Walking in wet socks is very unlikely due to the sheer amount of planning and financial cost to those whom want to swim in their own tuxedo. No, that doesn't sound right. It happens so frequently to hippies who wear socks and sandals and are usually near broke and awful at planning.
    You must mean "Its like swimming while in a tuxedo". Is that what you were trying to say?  Because walking in wet socks like wearing a formal suit while swimming would make everyone else around you feel under dressed for the occasion? Think there is a wedding around? Believe you are filming an action sequence?

    I've decided you suck at drawing parallels. 

  • To me walking in wet socks  is more like you drawing parallels. You get one guy going on a rant and nobody likes it.


  • So is this like the Swiss army sock or something?

  • They're working on implementing a fish scaler.

  • bmorris09

    Cody Lundin should be the spokes man for this product.

  • n_a_a_s

    looks like what you'd see stepping out of a solar car in boytown

  • Sinzz

    Vibram fivefingers works better

  • Taryn Conner

    I have a pair of Vibrams as well. Its a good balance between shoe and no shoe. Socks are really pushing the idea, though. I'd be curious to see how well they work, though.

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