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Might Come In Handy: The Urine Health Chart


Come in handy -- get it? Like your wiener when you're peeing! "I don't touch it when I pee." DON'T TRY TO JUSTIFY NOT WASHING YOUR HANDS.

This is a chart from the Boy Scouts of America that offers a general indication of your dehydration based on the color of your urine. I don't know what the hell is going on at the top of the chart, but I've never pissed peach before. Just remember: if your pee's brown you're in serious trouble. Ooooooooooor can't tell the difference between your penis and b-hole.

Urine Color Chart [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Clark, who claims he didn't learn anything in the Boy Scouts except how to tie knots. Me? I LEARNED HOW TO SURVIVE (my troop accidentally left me on camping trip).

There are Comments.
  • So is lilac not a good colour for my urine to be?

  • Taryn Conner

    This is on the walls of Marine Corps basic training bathrooms. It's good stuff to know.

  • DomPearceDesign

    Noble intent aside, I'm ever so slightly disturbed by the fact boy scouts are taking an interest in my urine content. I have the feeling this may lead to an arrest of some description eventually...

  • Hanadulset

    i've always pee'd a medium light shade of yellow and i've never keeled over from dehydration. so PISS off, boyscouts

  • berend spruijt

    well thats funny was drinking alot of beer color.

    when i woke up and took a piss dark yellow...

    geus i need to keep drinking beer..

  • Andrew St. Andrew

    why did you stop?

  • zakany

    He probably had to pee.

  • berend spruijt

    because sesame street was over, and i had to go to bed.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    Uh Oh...

  • James Mcelroy

    I guess I always need to drink water NOW

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