For The Ladies: Anatomically Correct Muscle Leggings

February 8, 2012


Inb4 break a leg, getting a leg up, vagina muscles look terrifying, my girl dog lifts her leg to pee on trees like a guy dog, etc, etc.

Black Milk, best known for being entirely unsafe to drink, is back at the crazy leggings/bathing suit game, this time with a pair of leggings that make it look like your muscles are showing. And speaking of muscles showing *flexing* WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW. "Not impressed." Did I say gun show? Because I meant gem & mineral show. CHISELED GRANITE, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. "Pfft, more like talc." What if I told you I have a kidney stone?

Hit the jump for more angles, as well as bonus bone leggings, Tetris ones, and a Mario Watchmen bathing suit.









Black Milk Product Site
Meat Leggings [buzzfeed]
Show Some Leg: Anatomical Muscle Leggings [incrediblethings]

Thanks to beebs, who tried to convince me she was wearing naked-lady leggings until I realized she was for real IN THE BUFF. Best day ever.

  • This is perfect! We can use this in our Kinesiology and Anatomy Labs!

  • Slim Goodbody.

  • Holy freaking shit. I was wondering when this would happen.

    The girl in the bones leggings and Mario watchmen is my girlfriend xD

  • I'm back and just in freakin' time. What is WRONG with people?? People ruin everything and now they want to ruin sex?!  No one wants to see this...

    Shortwave Industries:  Dammit, no one wants to see this! So unsexy...

  • I quite like the bone ones.

  • Um, those muscle ones are not even close to accurate. 

  • JimmyThr

    Is it weird that i find the first one very arousing?

  • DAYUM!

  • rebekahshurman

    I was literally just going to send this tip. Dammit.

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