Floating Privates: Playboy Wants A Space Station

February 27, 2012


Because "bang in space" is at the top of everyone's bucket list, Playboy has decided to start the conceptualization process for an "out of this world" version of their Playboy Bunny Club. Its design will be outlined in the March issue of Playboy, but nobody is going to read it because there will also be nudie pics in the same issue.

The space station involves a classic wheel shaped design that would include a restaurant with wide windows so diners can soak in the out-of-this-world views. It would be attached to the spinning part of the station to induce the gravity that will keep dinner on everyone's plates.

Entertainment includes a casino where visitors play roulette -- in which people are the ball, zero gravity bungee jumping (not sure how that would work), a windowless zero gravity dance club and a private "orbital pleasure dome."

Ah yes, the ol' "orbital pleasure dome". Aka THE BONER DOME. You know, this really got me thinking. Thinking about SCIENCE. Namely, if you're in outerspace and there's no gravity, do boners still go "up"? Food for thought.

Hit the jump for renderings of the various parts of the sexstation.





Playboy and Virgin Galactic envision the ultimate mile-high club [dvice]

Thanks to bb, who agrees if you can't have sex in space, go for the next closest thing: sex in a swing. That...is not even close (But let's do it anyway!).

  • Matthew Bracewell

    sucks that in zero-gravity your sweat from all the "dancing" you did wouldn't drip down but, instead collect into little balls floating around the room (= sound fantastic!

  • JasonRisenburg

    Ah the pleasure dome  2 people enter only 1 leaves satisfied... lol

  • painweaver

    Looks a little like deep space 9. I could totally go for Nana Visitor on the holodeck right now.

  • Yes. "Designed". Lets see. Research into artificial gravity tells us that rotation must not exceed 2RPM for humans to feel comfortable. 1 Earth Gravity at 2RPM requires a station over a mile in diameter. Putting aside the costs of such a megastructure, looking at the "design" above, it tells us that span of the ring between the spokes would run for over half a mile. That entire span experiences normal Earth gravity. Now, have you ever seen a bridge that runs for over half a mile without support cables or columns? The longest span of Golden Gate bridge is just a bit longer than minimum length required here. Look at all of the cables required to keep that span from collapsing.

    Truth is, no serious project would be built around the wheel-station at the present. Resources required to build one are absolutely enormous, making it impossible for nations to build, let alone private corporations. For foreseeable future, stations with artificial gravity will be limited to weight-counter-weight design, where the main living section is connected by a mile of cable either to an identical living section or an auxiliary section containing things like power generators. A zero-g section in the middle can be used for docking or any other use.

  • Matthew Bracewell

     apple could build one :)

  • Spoil sport.

  • Merlijn De Paepe

    Space, so much space. I'm in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE.
    (Portal 2 anyone? That space station just LOOKS like something Aperture made...)

  • Ry Keener

    215 mile high club.

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey with more hard-ons.

  • It will just be a different kind of bone hurtling through the air.

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    remember that scene from the beginning of that movie - long spaceship entering opening in the center of the curvy station...

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