Collapsing 2nd Story Floor By Filling Room With Water

February 9, 2012


Inb4 that is NOT how you run a bath.

This is a video of a house in Norway that's set to be demolished. But, instead of standing in the basement and swinging sledgehammers at load bearing walls like they would in Poland, two guys decide to fill the second story bathroom with water until the floor collapses. This is a video of that happening. It was kind of upsetting to watch because, shit, I would've lived there. Sure it's not the nicest looking house, but it did have a bathroom. UPSTAIRS. That's like a mansion where I come from (I come from the streets). Just sayin', I've been living in a 2001 Explorer for almost four months now. It doesn't even have a DOWNSTAIRS bathroom. It has a pickle jar. A pickle jar and a trashbag for a window.

Hit the jump for the if you really hate somebody you should wait till they go on vacation then put a garden hose through one of their basement windows and leave it running. But you didn't hear that from me, k?


Thanks to Franklin, who demolishes houses the old fashioned way: calling Godzilla a giant sissy-lizard from the front porch then running inside and escaping out a secret passage. And to MrWeirdBeard, whose beard can destroy entire skyscrapers if a piece of food gets stuck in it.

  • Awesome info once more. Thumbs up!

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  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    Hey, get your sticky fingers from Poland! We invented boomerangs and stuff!

  • VelvetRingpiece

    The kids in Africa...they're thirsty.

  • Jake

    they woke up that morning and said "hey... lets do this today" and that was that..

  • Merol Lambarri

    You guys are so hypocrites, if this were an MTV show and the room was filled with booze or anal lube you'll be laughing and giving kudos to it.

  • Rogelio Salgado

    the dumbest way to demolish a house, not to mention dangerous, water wasting and there was even furniture inside the house that could have been salvaged to give it away to poor people.
    The house was not even demolished, it was only a mess with water that will make it even harder to work with.

  • Cruise like a Norwegian!!! 

  • didn't appreciate the poland comment

  • Nathan Klassen

    That's what you call 'water damage'.

  • Ninja_Cricket

    They left all the crap in the house.

  • Actually, it looks like they filled a 3rd story bathroom with water until the floor collapsed...

  • Good job, now you guys gave yourselves more work to take it down

  • Guest

    This was probably inspired by the movie Delicatessen.

  • Alex Leach

    They should have put a hose in every floor, in fact multiple hoses, so when the upstairs went, it would have caused a chan reaction that would have exploded the house from the inside.... with water.

  • ntgCleaner

    That was really disappointing. 

  • Ani

    what a waste of water

  • Fuck the water, what a waste of a house...

  • Watsst

    I figured this would be one of the first posts. Pretty lame comment

  • turnburglar

    How is that a lame comment? It's a true comment.

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