Shoot It Into The Sun!: iPad Survives Drop From Space

January 9, 2012


In an attempt to prove their $45 Extreme Edge iPad case is the toughest in my butt on the planet, G-Form launched an iPad to 100,000-feet (~19-miles up -- not really space, but for the sake of being dramatic we'll pretend) with a weather balloon, then let it plummet back to earth. SURPRISE -- it survived. Of course, if you've got the money to drop your iPad out of a rocketship window you can probably afford another one. "But what about all my p0rn?!" It's disturbing.

Hit the jump for the dizzying video, plus a bonus one of a bowling ball test.

iPad Dropped from Space of the Day []
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Thanks to smack, Ryan and Mark, who agree if you're dropping iPads from 100,000 feet you've got bigger things to worry about. Namely, running out of jetpack fuel.

  • cabbo

    Fake shadows wrong.

    Just like 'Just dance 2' when blah shows blah that he can throw an ipad out of a plane and catch it on the ground.

  • John Cruz

    Will the g-form blend?

  • Guest

    Fun stuff to do when you're bored at an advanced space center.

  • I call "bullsh**!! I heard something break on impact and it wasn't the camera... Also, didn't that guy direct "Ironman"?...


    Shortwave Industries:  Soon we'll be in space, too... building our Death Star.

  • Dan Wood

    Hooray for terminal velocity!
    How many people have ever dropped and broken their ipads when they were safely stored in a case?

  • a_narwhal

    I've dropped my iPad several times and once from liek 6ft. with no protection and it still works . . .

  • Daniel Sanson

    It couldnt have been running! how hot do ipads get? surely the cold wouldve killed the battery?

  • Stupid apple shit, look at it the wrong way and the screen will implode.

  • John Searing

    With the surface area and weight of the Ipad, they would have got the EXACT same results if they had dropped it off of a nine story building.  Not as dramatic of course...

  • This_Update_Sucks

    I think the real shock is that the camera survived too.

  • That's a GoPro, they're damn amazing.

  • Lol. What a scam. It's smart advert, tho.
    From 1,000 or 100,000 ft, it's the same thing because it can't accelerate to the infinity.
    Also, it landed on it's rear side where was some weight that reduced most of impact. And it had some kind of case around. I say drop it from the building without anything. Results may be more convincing then.

  •  its advertising the product, you know how it had "some kind of case around it", thats what the advertisement is for.

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    give it to sligshot-bald-guy for testing, would be more entertaining

  • Donutz87

    I second this!

  • Michael Knight

    dang... ok. well i was also going to say that attaching an 8 oz object to a weather ballon and dropping it from any distance doesn't seem like much of a test to me.
    remove the ballon and then drop it is a more reasonable test!

  • Michael Knight


  • Cr1mson3lbow

    FIRST!   AND yes, but Will It Blend???

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