Painful: Girl Handles Music Record For First Time

January 25, 2012


I can see your shitter bro -- close the bathroom door next time!

This is a painful to watch staged video of a guy showing his daughter a LP record (a yellow see-thru one for some reason) for the first time in her 13 years of constantly texting existence. cringe-worthy. I actually watched the whole thing (a rarity!) and if somebody slapped me on the back right now and my face got stuck like this you'd swear I was a mime perpetually imitating someone who just huffed a fart then bit a lemon.

Video after the jump, proceed at your own risk.


Thanks to Cammy (wait -- FROM STREET FIGHTER?!) and DG, who agree there's something magical about listening to jazz on vinyl in the dark with the windows open and a slight breeze coming in.

  • Mike Gover

    "Its huge"
    "Its such a huge thing, I just dont know what to do with it"

    Father filming 13 year old daughter

    Out of context  :3

  • mfenimore

    I think her green fingernails don't go well with the yellow record.

  • Steven Cleverpig

    @ 1:31 Totally what she said. 

  • sjokolademelk

    As natural as myth busters dialog :p

  • I'll probably get a similar reaction from my kiddos when I get my typewriter in a week or so.

  • I'd say CDs are tougher? Then again I've never handled records myself, but at least I know about them... I mean, you think she would have run across the image of a record somewhere on TV or the internet, at least once? But the kid's cute. It was a cute video overall. And now she knows what an LP is!

  • Ian Houldsworth

    lol, drop a cd and it's gone

  • Kyle Bergman

    Obviously staged video is obviously staged..

  • Ben Foltz

    Wax cylinders are where it's at.

  • Ugh, I hate staged shit.

  • utera

    not staged at all, i'm way older and i never had a record player either.

  • I didn't mean that it felt staged because of the subject matter, I meant that it felt like dude went to her daughter and said "Ok, here's what you're suppose say! We'll make a funny youtube video! LOLZ!"

    It's understandable that some younger people don't know what records are, but this video is cheese.

  • YeaYeaYeah

    Almost as painful as a teen not knowing what a floppy disc is. (-___-'')

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Fake, take some theater classes!

  • Kevin

    No, this is real. I showed my kids a VHS tape and they scratched their heads like the monkeys in that scene from 2010.

  • John Scalzi

    As I've said elsewhere: Oh, good grief.

    1. It really truly is the first time she's held an LP. Hell, it's the first LP I've owned in 20 years; it came as part of a Jonathan Coulton box set. The box also had a mechanical music box, which prompted a similar reaction.

    2. It's not scripted but by daughter, understands that when her dad is quite obviously holding a camera at her that he's expecting a reaction. That being the case, it's not staged. It might be the 13-year-old girl version of improv, however.

    3. If I was going to stage the thing, I probably would have gone for a more naturalistic take.

    4. I put it up on my Web site for the amusement of my readers there; I wasn't rubbing my hands together in the desperate hope it would go viral. I find it amusing that it has (although the various obnoxious comments about my kid naturally less so).

    5. I turned off the comments at YouTube because YouTube commenters are, charitably put, subhuman mouthbreathers who deserve to be set on fire, and I don't need to oblige them being jerks about my kid in a space I control. There are other places people can be jerks about my kid; I'm thinking about one right now.

  • JimmyThr

    I'd hit it...until it got ruined.

  • Lauren

    Dude, if its any consolation, within the end of the day, this post will be pushed back a page and the mouth-breathers won't ever see it again... 
    People on the internet are cruel, because they can be, and it's fun to watch people get butt hurt. If you anticipated anything from making such a video, it should have been hurtful comments about ANYONE you had as the subject of your video. 
    Too bad though. This is why I refuse to make any media with my own, or my familys image in it
    You don't have to justify yourself for making a film. People are turd bags.

  • Proteon

    You sir have exploited your thirteen year old child and in doing so have brought the world into your home and family.  Curious that your own face doesn't appear in this video you are so proud of.  

    At least you're not defensive.

  • John Scalzi

    Sorry, you've confused "exasperation with stupidity" for "defensiveness."

    And if you think it's JUST TERRIBLE that I posted a video of my kid, wait until you find out what I once did to my cat.

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