Make Every Day A Casual Friday: Sweat Dress Pants

January 27, 2012


You know what sucks about dress pants? Everything. They're poorly shaped, rigid, uncomfortable, don't breathe, and cause a dutch-oven effect that make your balls sweat and stick to your boxers. Ugh, my penis is shivering just thinking about it. Kidding, I'm swinging him around in circles because I'm wearing athletic shorts and no underwear. Enter Betabrand's $90 Dress Pant Sweatpants, they're SURPRISE!: sweatpants that look like dress pants. *slapping ass* GO GET YOUR COMFY ON, SON *coughing* and some f***ing deodorant!

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures of the casual Monday-Friday.





Betabrand Product Site
Goodbye Sliced Bread: Dress Pant Sweatpants Officially The Greatest Thing Now [gizmodo]

Thanks to Shane and cocteau, who both asked what I normally wear to the office. Nothing but a frown.


    What's with all these guys tying their shoes with granny knots? Is that cool now or just a bunch of nubs?

  • $14116223

    If someone would please tell me where the fuck the women's version is, I'd be delighted.

  • ann.capozzolo

    Why do they not make them for women??

  • I have purchased a few suits in the past years, but I have to say I've never experienced those side effects you described. Honestly, a suit is better at everything to me, but you cannot wear it everyday or you'll end up ruin it too quickly and have to buy another.
    I personally feel far more comfy with a suit compared to common jeans and tee.And of course I'm not talking about Armani or D&G suits for rich people,  but of common discount unknown-brand (never spent more than 900 €, and I got really good fabric anyway).
    I wish we had a dress code as well... really cannot understand you. I think that the horrible thing is not WEARING SUITS, but IRONING SHIRTS. And for that there's no escape... you wear shirts from january to august so that's the real nightmare. Ironing every fkng couple of days without ruining your favourite shirts. And not a single girlfriend I ever had wanted to iron. Hey! That's not supposed to end that way >:( My friend's gf do the daily ironings :( :( :( :( :(

  • Andrew Hernandez

    You have spent $1000 on a suit? Holy shit.

  • they're still tight though..doesn't matter the fabric.....i have thunder down under

  • Yes! I want (need) these.

  • that's gonna be legen... wait for it ...dary!

  • Only 90 bucks, make them 20-30 and i'll buy.

  • In the future, all clothes will be like this.

  • This is the strangest collection of pictures.  A ukelele?  And naptime on a rug?  I want to work there.

    Also, the model in the first picture looks like he's watching for a bus to step in front of.

  • Leonidas Argidisouvlaki

    Gee-Dubs, I love you!

  • That's pretty neat, except they're $90.

  • n_a_a_s

    should've been done decades ago

  • MOTHER OF GOD..........WANT

  • I go to a prep school with a dress code. GW, you just prevented a suicide. 

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