LOLWUT?: AudioQuest's 3-Foot, $1,100 HDMI Cable

January 9, 2012


Because Monster Cables was monopolizing the ridiculously overpriced and under-performing cable market, here's AudioQuest's entry: a 3.3-foot, $1,096 HDMI connector. That's $332/foot! What makes it so special? It's made entirely out of urethras No f***ing clue. Oh, wait:

This HDMI cable features a Dielectric-Bias System that reduces distortion and 100% Perfect-Surface Silver conductors for improved signal clarity. The Direct-Silver-plated HDMI connectors provide a simple connection and durability.

Of course -- a dielectric-bias system and perfect-surface silver conductors. Noooooooo, that doesn't sound like a stinking bag of bullshit. Anybody who buys one of these deserves to be strangled with it. Seriously, 3.3-feet? You should hold out for at least a 6-footer.

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Thanks to Matthew, who drops tips on Geekologie's Facebook page instead of email because his internet mailman is addicted to meth and opens people's packages.

  • This thing looks great indeed. Nice post.

  • Base on the cost that I have seen on this HDMI cable, maybe it will have less distortion for signals because it is well designs for minimizing signal distortions. Using an HDMI cables will be suitable to use if you use digital interface on some computer programs in order to work that certain programming system that you have made.

  • This is one of the best cable which provides a High definition to your network. It works with the efficiency.

  • I don't think there would be a distortion on using it.

  • A yampy thingamijig if thou buy that kind of HDMI cable. Many HDMI cables are available in many stores and their prices is too low than that. It cost only about $3 up. thou will not hae a problem of the reception because it just only a cable.

  • thegeek

    This is marketed to the same Audiophool idiots who spend $3,500+ for power cables. 

  • gh

    of course it is "perfect" until the first time you bump it on the floor or desk and scratch the surface and then it is just like any other hdmi cable.  I bought a 6 footer for $5 last month.

  • Keith Killgore

    ITS DIGITAL YOU CRAZY FOOLS! It's either a 1 or a 0, theres no way to make that any clearer, no matter the cost.

  • Steve Kosloske

    I'm a big fan of high-end audio products, and I've heard the quality you can get from a really good system.  But, where there are obvious gains from better made components, higher quality parts, etc, the "audiophiles" will never, ever be able to convince me they can hear a difference between a quality $30 HDMI cable and a $500 one.  Never. 

    And, if they're pushed, the old "double blind" test issue always comes up, and their answer is, every time, some form of "you just don't get it".  You're right, I don't.  And I never will.

  • Trorry Wong

    Bahaha! If you follow the link to the best buy page and read the customer reviews, it's like the three wolves t-shirt all over again!

  • Fabio Bollinger

    Unfortunately for the suckers who buy this, HDMI is an all or nothing signal. There's no such thing as a weak HDMI signal. Your TV will display exactly what your device is outputting (providing your TV has the specs). This cable has the exact same signal quality as a $10 cable.

  • Slurm_Cola

    It's a good investment if you have a large VHS collection and don't want to upgrade to Blu-Ray. The signal fidelity makes your old tapes look as good as or better than the newer blu-ray discs.

  • artilleryboy

    What a bloody rip off.

  • Long story short....People will buy anything.

  • Silver is a better conducter then gold, so it would make sense to use it for an HDMI , BUT! silver oxidizes. Thus if u plan to polish your cord(pun very much intended) every day then ur still better off buying a gold plated HDMI 6ft(for 20$cnd). I have yet to have issues with electrical conductivity of my cables .

  • ThereAreNoNamesLeft

    Actually, I believe gold, silver and copper all conduct the same, none of them move electrons any faster or better then the other (dealing with the Bohr model of an atom and the last energy band having only one free electron to pass on).  The only difference is that gold doesn't tarnish, rust or oxidize (well, real gold, not that crap they usually plate electronic connectors with that wears off quickly anyway) and silver does oxidize but silver oxide is just as conductive as silver itself.  Sooooo............yeah, waste of money

  • Bohr model is absolutely useless. Not to mention that it doesn't predict shells. There are a lot of factors that enter into conductivity of a material besides electron shell structure, such as electron density for example.

    Conductivity of silver is slightly better than that of copper, and about 50% better than that of gold. But yes, that's not the primary factor for choosing material for contacts. Gold is used because it does not oxidize, and metal oxides make for poor conductors. So while using silver cores for the wire might make more sense than using copper cores, using silver for the contacts is absolutely idiotic. A cheap gold-plated HDMI cable from Walmart will actually be better than this piece of junk.

    But honestly, unless you're planning to run a 50 foot cable past an electro-welder, you're not going to notice a difference with any of these. There is a reason why HDMI is entirely digital. It's so that noise and distortion are simply not factors in quality at all. You can buy the cheapest cable you can find, and it will serve you as good as any other.

  • it would really all depend on voltage and contact pressure for the tarnished silver. Like if they used silver for the contact pins on Nintendo game cartridge, and it was super tarnished. I'm sure you'd have a tough time starting that game up.

    But have it be something a little more beefy, like 1/4inch   or like an XLR audio connection i'm sure the the motion of just connecting it would solve any connection issues. let alone the sheer amps would push through most little bits of dirty resitence there may be.

    But Yes, Agreed. This Cord is a complete joke. haha

  • Emmitt Morgans

    My sub-$5 Amazon HDMI cables work perfectly and there aren't any issues with "sub-par" digital signal. 

    As far as I know 1's and 0's can only be 1's or 0's and as long as those get transmitted there's no difference... correct me if I'm wrong... I DARE YOU!

    Oh, and for that price it had better be made of dead babies... or something more illegal/offensive... oh, I bet there are blood diamonds in that thing.  Or maybe blood AND diamonds... that's better!

  • Reduces signal distortion? Did anybody ever explain to these people what "digital" means? If you have HDMI, you don't have signal distortion. Period.

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