It's Coming Right At Me!: Dove Flight In Super Slow-Mo

January 20, 2012


This is a video of a dove getting its flippity-flap on right at the camera in super slow-motion. It looks like an angel. Just kidding, it looks like it's about to drop a white and purpleberry payload on your favorite dress shirt. True story: one time a seagull shat right on my head when I was dolphin watching on a boat in Florida. Back me up, Merman -- you were there. "Tickle my salty seaballs first." What the -- I don't care if they believe me that much.

Hit the jump for this video and another worthwhile one of a dove taking off from the side with a wack-ass choice of soundtrack.

High-speed videography reveals the beauty of dove flight [io9]

Thanks to bb, who actually IS an angel and doesn't fly anything like that (she uses a jetpack).

  • John Woo would crap his pants if he saw this.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    And yet, no mention of Birdemic... which is amazing considering these videos must be the same birds before they were converted into GIFs and imported into Windows Movie Maker.

  • if a dove looks like an angel, it might because we imagined angels with dove or swan wings...

    what's next, hey that eagle looks like a griffin?

  • James A

    weak, GW.

  • JeffreySpur


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