Homemade Wooden USS Enterprise Coffee Table

January 27, 2012


Etsy seller BarryShields (aka Barry Shields) went and built this USS Enterprise coffee table. And now he's selling it for a paltry $3,100. Damn, I can't believe he's even willing to part with the blueprints for that cheap, let alone THE ACTUAL TABLE. What is this, my lucky day? SPOILER: No. I spent $60 on $10 lotto scratchers this morning and lost on every single one. Then I stepped in a puddle. OF URINE. I swear if it wasn't Friday I probably would've thrown myself down a storm sewer and called the ninja turtles a bunch of pussies.

Hit the jump for several more from different angles.





Etsy Listing

Thanks to Luis R., who used to have a Millennium Falcon coffee table until that shit blasted off through a wall or something.

  • Amazing Themes.Really very beautiful.I liked fully written article about coffee table. Many Thanks for sharing such wonderful article with us.

  • babamonkey

    this is some amazing craftsmanship.

  • That's quite neat. If it was cheaper I might be tempted.

  • Guest

    at a certain angle, it does look like a brown insect beast with glass wings...

  • James Mcelroy

    Aaaaand if the top was in the shape of the Starfleet symbol

  • Huh, the Enterprise-C, eh? Interesting choice of ships there.

  • James Mcelroy

    I would have liked it better if the saucer section separated to become another smaller table.

  • But only if you first say "Prepare for emergency Saucer Sep" because, you know ... in the 23rd century it's so square to actually use the full word "separation."

  • Time is money, Steve. Oh wait, there is no money in the 23rd century...

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