Glass Floor Supported By 180,000 Little Plastic People

January 24, 2012


This is a glass floor supported entirely by the combined effort of 180,000 little plastic people. It was constructed by South Korean artist Do Ho Suh and at first I thought all the figurines were women and the floor represented the glass ceiling, but then I realized I got high with the bartender on my lunch break and I'm reading way too far into things. Oh shit, oh shit -- this popup says I just won an iPad!

Hit the jump for several more shots from various zooms.





Floor 1997-2000, A Glass Floor Supported by 180,000 Plastic Figurines [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Christina, who claims she once balanced on a single beer bottle which I find infinitely more impressive.

  • Kat

    This is the funniest post GW's written in a while.

  • I totally walked on it when they had it at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Cool stuff.

  • miezeljotschek

    Just awesome

  • Arturo Castillo

    it the closest its gonna get to a statue of the 99%, must be to the bathrooms in jp morgan and IAG

  • now do it with eggs

  • $18922249

    Simple and clever. I really like it. 

  • Indie Annajones

    I'd love to transform really small, small enough talk walk in-between the legs of these guys and explore underneath there, a game of hide and seek would be great!

  • Josh Ford

    Ooh...look at all the pathetic muggles...j/k they're clearly meant to represent the North Korean populace.

  • Conrado Parra

    Pictured: Capitalism's Crappy Shoes

  • I would find it hard not to tip-toe while walking on that.

  • Peter Bourque

    1 hot day later...

  • James A


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