Future Fender Bender: BMW's Self-Driving Car

January 25, 2012


WHAT THE -- 10 and 2 you crazy f***!

Seen here doing his best 'supervillain scheming to take over the world', a man demonstrates an autonomous BMW that can drive itself on roads that have been previously mapped by the car's manufacturer. That way you can just sit back, relax and...text? Oh right, like actually having to drive has ever stopped you.

BMW's self-autonomous system uses four types of sensors, radar, cameras, laser scanners and ultrasound distance sensors and can even change lanes to zoom past a slowpoke car.

The BMW team created special algorithms to handle every situation and uses the car's position in pre-mapped highways to navigate and the location of other cars to avoid.

Admittedly, yes, eventually we'll all have cars that drive themselves. I just, you know, don't want the first model. "The one that used to drive itself off cliffs" they'll call it in the future.

Hit the jump for a brief demo on the Autobaun followed by a lot of talking and looking at computer simulations. If you can only watch one video at work today I'd say pass on this one.

BMW Is Making Cars That Drive Themselves [gizmodo]

Thanks to Alexander K., who agrees a human chauffeur would be cooler plus make you look fancy!

  • Using BMW's self-autonomous system with four types of sensors, radar, cameras, laser scanners and ultrasound distance sensors someone has designed a BMW car to drive without driver on predetermined and programmed routes. I think what we have seen of James Bond's cars are now coming to true life.

  • Yes I hu

  • I've seen articles on the net about Google's self-driving car, now BMW is developing it as well. That is very useful for those who gets asleep while driving.

  • jaime_arg

    It does everything except turn on the blinker.

  • Guest

    Interesting concept for a vehicle, great for those who have certain disabilities that prevent them from driving. For me, if I want to avoid driving...I'll just take the bus, train, giant robotic spider, or the trolly.

  • jabbawok

    The Germans have been at this for ages. I guess its the same logic as making the most boring cars in the world..

  • Booo. 
    Google self-driving one doesn't need a road to be premapped. 

  • Dusty Graham

    lets go kitt!

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