Dive Dive Dive!: A Lil' Hamster Powered Submarine

January 3, 2012


This is a lil hamster wheel powered submarine. It was made out of a 3-liter soda bottle and -- wait. 3-LITER SODA BOTTLES?! Did anybody else not know about this? And, more importantly, do they come in red cream soda. Mmmm, love that shit. It's way better than regular cream soda because it's red. It's the red that makes it so good. Like if Hawaiian Punch was clear that shit would suuuuuuck. Remember clear Pepsi? Of course you do, it SUCKED HARD. No hamsters were harmed in the making of this video. They did sink a battleship full of gerbils though.

Hit the jump for a short, crap-quality video and a link to the build page with more info.

Hamster Powered Soda Bottle Submarine [obviouswinner]
Project Page

Thanks to khz, who was never allowed to take his kindergarten class's pet hamster home for a night like the rest of the kids. Smart teacher.

  • that was a waste of time.. i wish that hamster dies in a later experiment along with the shitty owners

  • Kanger

    3 Liter soda bottles have been around for a long time.  They are "Party Size".

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  • Rolling, rolling, rolling on a river...

  • the underwater fluid in the abyss is mineral oil

  • Develop something like the underwater fluid in The Abyss and I'll be really impressed.

  • Its mineral oil

  • Dan

    Someone is actually developing the technology. The rat was actually submerged in "
    liquid fluorocarbon", a breathable liquid. None of the human actors were subjected to it.


  • Job Genders

    I guess this is the moment all the animal lovers will report it, because of claustofobic hamsters being locked into a submersed enviroment which causes them nightterrors for the rest of their cage-life.

  • That... is fkn pro xD



  • What happened to Hamster Sub take 1, and did it survive?

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