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Creepy Animatronic Baby Made For Soap Opera


Because real baby actors are annoying to work with (moody, whining, will shit on set), an anonymous soap opera (please don't say Days of our Lives) recently had this animatronic robot baby commissioned for use in a scene. Hopefully the one where the couple finds out their baby is a robot and shoots it into the sun. "Like Superman?" No, his parents missed.

Hit the jump for the last thing I'd ever want coming out of my vagina.


Thanks to Michelle, Wyatt and Angel Mass, who know what I like but sent me this anyways. Thanks guys, really.

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  • Guest

    This is why you shouldn't date a robut  -- you'll have weird looking kids.

  • creepy

  • Legendxlm

    It looks like it's in pain. Why isn't anyone putting it out of its misery?

  • Kitty


  • Dy7lan (the seven is silent)


  • Joseph Fioramonti


  • That. is. creepy...

  • GW has a vagina???  I knew he was a girl.

    Oh yeah, also, creepy like nothing else.

  • Zequi

    I think I might be the culprit here. I will never have sex with the vacuum again.

  • This is why you should use protection!
    I am never getting pregnant.
    Or sleeping again.

  • Bat Boy? Is that you?

  • Paul Parten

    This makes me think of EraserHead.  Gods that's terrifying.

  • austin allen

    what the hell?

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