You Deserve It: 17-Year Old High Schooler Wins $100K For Designing Cancer-Fighting Nanoparticle

December 9, 2011


Seen here looking excited out of her mind to be holding a giant check *adds to bucket list*, 17-year old Angela Zhang won Siemen's annual high school science competition for designing a cancer-fighting nanoparticle and NOT making a baking soda and vinegar volcano like I did. Come on, judges -- did you not see the little plastic dinosaurs?!

Zhang, the only female individual finalist, said her research was in part motivated by her family. Her great grandfather had liver cancer and her grandfather died of lung cancer when she was in seventh grade.

"I asked, 'Why does this happen. Why does cancer cause death? What are we doing to fix this and what can I do to help,'" said the Monta Vista High School senior.

Zhang said the particle she designed improves on current cancer treatments because it delivers a drug directly to tumor cells and doesn't affect healthy cells around it. The particle is also able to release a drug when activated by a laser. The idea is still years away from being used in patients, however. Zhang says it could take 25 years between clinical trials and other steps before her research is helping patients.

You know, it's always comforting to know there are still youngsters out there willing to take up arms and help fight the good fight. Plus, PLUS -- she's a lady. More women in science, folks, that's the real message here. Maybe if more young girls wanted to be like Angela and not a f***ing Kardashian I wouldn't have to spend so much time drinking in the dark talking to a handgun (I still would though because he always says some really crazy shit).

Calif. teen takes $100K national science prize [washingtonexaminer]

Thanks to Kendra, who agrees the government should pay me a ridiculous amount of money to promote careers in science.

  • The only question I have is how old she will be when she wins her (first) Nobel prize.

  • lorobird

    Maybe if more men were like fucking Gandhi women wouldn't want to become like Kardashian because all the men around them are stupid and useless and treat them like shit.

    But no, great joke, GW. Really.

    Kudos to Angela! What a legend!!

  • Qais Al-Ismaili

    Very impressed. However, 100k won't even put her through 2 years of university.

  • blynn4487

    I don't think she'll be paying a dime for university.  She'll have a free ride to the college of her choice with her smarts.

  • The Chadwick

    It would really suck if she were ugly and dumb, at least she has the brains!

    And it not like she won $100,000 CASH, its a scholarship.  Which is great for school but fuck....I would want some cash.  Just means she'll be debt free after school like me.  I laugh at those suckers who are in $50,000 debt or more after university, sucks balls for you.

  • violentine

    I can see big pharma companies trying to hire a hit squad to take her out if this ever comes to fruition. Call me a conspiracy theorist - but there's a reason this wasn't thought of sooner, and its not for lack of trying.

  • Kenlin Bros

    You are a conspiracy theorist.

  • Dude, "drinking in the dark talking to a handgun."  Hahaha!  That's gonna be the title of my Spoken Word Album.

  • This story is a lie!
    The world has had cures for cancer for over 40 years now.

    2007 article

    2010 article

  • Guest

    A Micro-Direct approach is a good concept for fighting such terrible diseases. Ah, that money will make payments to a top university easy.

  • James A

    GW..did you make that circle of light on her last name?

    Don't lie! We knew it was an azn before the name.

    EDIT: Also DeeDee Whee, less hater poisoning. Those of us with chronic conditions dig this kinda stuff.

  • honest to god, this is not news.  the siemens competition has been going on for ages, and every year theres always several "NEW AND TOTALLY RADICAL!!!" cancer fighting methods that some (usually asian) high schoolers "come up with" (if you can call piggybacking on some prof's work that).  

    regardless, it's not easy, and you DO have be smart and work hard, but in these types of competitions, it's more about who you know and what researcher you work for than anything else.   kudos to her for winning, but this doesnt deserve a geekologie post...

  • now she can afford cosmetic surgery.

  • she don't look that bad and 100k is a rip off if she doesn't keep paton

  • haters gonna hate.
    don't be jealous that a 17 year old is smarter than all of us combined.

  • She is actually 14 and she has connections to Stanford unlike the thousands of gifted children who don't have there over zealous parents helping them snag unneeded scholarship cash.

  • Now that was harsh and totally uncalled for.

  • James A

    100% Agreement.

  • Jerra Nicole Haynes

    This is beyond amazing.  Way to rock it, chica.

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