Turn The Volume Down: Kid Gets iPod Touch, Rages

December 30, 2011



I know I said no more Christmas posts, but I'm also a notorious liar. Just ask any my friends. "One time I used my only phone call from jail to call him and he said he'd be right there to bail me out. He never came." Haha! Yeah, I went right back to sleep. This is a video of a kid getting an iPod Touch for Christmas and then raging his screamy little face off. It...reminds me why I don't want to have kids. So much so I just nuked my balls in the microwave for like two minutes. "I thought it smelled like burnt pube and Hot Pocket in here!" Bite?

Hit the jump for the video and remember to WRAP THAT DANGLE UP.

UPDATE: So I just watched the video again because I hate myself that bad and please, don't even bother -- you'll seriously regret it.

Kid Freaks Out Over iPod Touch [buzzfeed]

Thanks to mattie and Forest, who were really hoping to see the parents had replaced the iPod with a Walkman. Ha, same. WELCOME TO LIFE, KID!

  • Jonathan Harris

    Video doesnt exist.

  • bbbooobbbb

    3 seconds later he flushed it down the toilet and screamed that he wanted an ipad instead.

  • Paolo Russian


  • wow. just wow... about blew my fucking speakers and had a heart attack at the same time.

  • okay .. the kids screaming is typical, Youtube, I-want-to-be-a-meme internet BS ... what's REALLY funny is when his brother opens his and just calmly says ... "an ipod."  now THAT is hilarity!

  • Best reason for birth control ever... o.O

  • Guest

    This is an amazing video!!! i would scream much louder if this happened to me but he obviously had no lasting damage from the canine exiting his colon (at around 29 seconds) as he's back to normal soon after. I've never seen a boy s**t out a dog before :D a horrible Christmas prank by the parents. too bad we don't get to see what comes out of the little one. (watch again carefully and you'll be amazed too) 

  • Andrew Hodge

    You've startled a witch..

  • steven worley

    I'm going to follow him to school, throw a piece of candy on the ground in front of him and when he goes to pick it up. Kick him in the face and take his ipod and run. That's what he and the parents deserve for buying that for him. WTF 

  • Lauren

    Yuck. The kid needs a punch. Also, why is everyone sitting there not telling him to shut the fuck up?

  • My vasectomy was the one of the best decisions of my life.

  • Parents: "i'm really glad you like it, son".........................."I could've sworn I left my Glock under this recliner..."

  • I liked the other kid's reaction better.

  • lol

  • Joseph DeMartino

    And this is why I don't have kids! That and no one wants my little swimmers fraternizing with her egg dome. 

  • And then you take it away from the little bastard

  • Elliott Conner

    *parents startled the witch*

  • Leonidas Argidisouvlaki

    Don't blame the kid, blame his bleeding-heart asshole parents who DON'T GIVE HIM HIDINGS.

  • jaime_arg

    He's clearly possessed.

  • Wait til he figures out it isn't an iPhone. 

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