Norte Photoblocker: The Beer Cooler That Prevents Unwanted Photos (But Not Pregnancies)

December 9, 2011


The Photoblocker is a beer bucket from Norte beer that has a camera flash sensor that causes the bucket to fire its own flash, effectively ruining any photos taken in its direction. Because, as the company puts it, "what happens in the club, stays in the club." Great news, really (I just puked in a stairwell).

The device actually exists and works. It's been planted in a few regional bars and photoblocked pictures were still uploaded with the subjects well protected. Savvy club owners would do well to look into ways of acquiring more like these...However, there doesn't appear to be concrete plans to bring the device to North America.

There are two videos of the bucket in action after the jump, which seem to encourage infidelity and promiscuous behavior, neither of which I can condone. That said, I would let somebody try to take a picture of me sitting in another dude's lap just to see it work. Ready? Now pretend like we're kissing! *click* It didn't go off, did it? "Nope, waitress took the bucket to refill a couple minutes ago." we have to get married now or what?

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Brilliant Marketing: The Photoblocker Beer Cooler Keeps The Missus In The Dark [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Ed, who just wears a brown grocery bag over his head like a normal damn person.

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  • Stephan Claes

    I need one at either side of my license plate ...

  • So how did you get the picture above if it works so well ?

  • Kenjirus

    I had a photoblocker once, but then i took a arrow in the knee 

  • Peter White

    Great. Guys are being told its OKAY to lie to their partners... "go ahead and flirt with another girl... SHE WONT KNOW".
    This is the biggest piece of bullshit i have ever seen. You can tell its designed by douchebags, thats all i can say.

  • Mid

    I'm pretty sure I also love you.

  • I love you.

  • Thomas Andersen

    i love you too

  • Steve Marshall

    It uses the same 'flash' effect in every picture...

  • Luke Briner

    Even if people are faithful, there is plenty of room for mistakes, the wrong angle and you could look like you were doing anything. Like DNA evidence, people believe photos without asking how it might be misconstrued. (Do I get banned for not being funny?)

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Believe me, you won't... if that were the case then pretty much everyone who comments here would be banned!  uh, BAZINGA!

    (myself included... ohhhh....)

  • Luke Briner

    Just what I was going to say. Quite like the idea though.

  • Or you could just be a responsible human being. Not cheat on your [significant other] or do things at bars that can get you fired...etc. Oh wait, nope it's 2011. People aren't that responsible anymore.

  • cant you just take a photo without flash...

  • Meewok

    Exactly, who the heck uses flash when a wide open aperture gets things done.... oh wait, those snobby people who buy a new D3 for snap shots and use the slave flash at concerts and long shots not knowing how to manually adjust and work with the device...

  • thats where this device fails

  • I think the logic here is: Clubs are dark. Dark places require a camera flash. Girls don't carry tripods or monopods in their halter tops and mini purses.

  • Shaun9lives

    A fast lens with no flash will get a better shot in low light than the dinky built in flash on a point and shoot.  Many point and shoots now come with f/2.0 or faster lenses. 

    This thing is a cool toy for marketing, but not really functional if you need total privacy.  That's what the VIP is for.

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