Mythbusters Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong, Shoots Cannonball Through Somebody's House, Minivan

December 7, 2011


"Pfft, I could recognize a cannonball hole with my eyes closed."

Mythbusters, best known for never taking any of my suggestions, recently blasted a cannonball through somebody's house and someone else's minivan while shooting a segment at the Alemeda County Sheriff's Department bomb disposal range on whether or not cannonballs can destroy things. SPOILER: Yes. Also, never buy a house near a bomb disposal range.

The cantaloupe-sized cannonball missed the water [barrels], tore through a cinder-block wall, skipped off a hillside and flew some 700 yards east, right into the Tassajara Creek neighborhood, where children were returning home from school at 4:15 p.m., authorities said.

There, the 6-inch projectile bounced in front of a home on quiet Cassata Place, ripped through the front door, raced up the stairs and blasted through a bedroom, where a man, woman and child slept through it all - only awakening because of plaster dust.

It exited the house, leaving a perfectly round hole in the stucco, crossed six-lane Tassajara Road, took out several tiles from the roof of a home on Bellevue Circle and finally slammed into the Gill family's beige Toyota Sienna minivan in a driveway on Springvale Drive.

As hard as all of that is to believe, you know what the most shocking part was? That a family was asleep at 4:15 p.m. and didn't wake up to a cannonball blasting through their house. Look out, Tassajara Creek neighborhood -- sounds like you've got a vampire problem.

Hit the jump for one more shot of the exit hole and another of the minivan.



'Mythbusters' Accidentally Shot a Cannonball Into Someone's Home [yahoonews]

Thanks to Matt L., carsten and Max, who agree that between the bomb disposal range and the vampires, houses must be cheap as shit.

  • Kevin Nguyen

    aww yeah, dublin just got more popular :D

  • Guest

    Oh wow, I hope the charges aren't too steep -- I like to have this series to continue.

    Chicken wire, wood, clay, instillation...these are the materials (less than a parade float) that made these walls.

  • Guest

    That's even a little late for a siesta.

  • painweaver

    Old GW writer? is that you?

  • Leanna Breauxni's super lucky that runaway cannonball didn't kill anyone.
    On another note: I guess their experiment was a relative success! Now we know cannonballs can pwn whatever they come across.

    *cue rainbow, horrible music*

  • George Ragen

    "House, minivan"? I'm not aware of such a location

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    in capitalist  America, tv shoots at YOU !

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    seems you have pretty flimsy walls in USA - back in my neighbourhood, it wouldn't get through first wall

  • I'm sorry but the reporter need an eye test. That minivan is not beige, it's fucking silver!

  • Andrew R

    Actually it is beige, not fucking silver. Retard.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    Wait?...That "remote bomb site" is only 700 yards from a suburb? What the Hell man?! That's nothing for a debris field. Not to mention all the noise, 'cause I'm sure they do that E.O.D. at like 5:00 in the morning.

  • Davidsadi

    thats a hell of a lot of inertia!
    up the stairs? damn..... I think they jerked off juggernaut and this was the aftermath

  • Well I'm sure once they find out it was the Mythbusters they'll all be fine and dandy with it. They can come shoot a cannonball through the walls of my apartment any time.

  • They also needed to record footage of the cannonball flying through the house and neighborhoods, and play it in slow-motion to the chase theme from Ferris Bueller.

  • Mandy86

    Wow. They're damn lucky it didn't hit a person. But we need to address the real issue here: Why is an entire family asleep at 4:15pm?

  • Maybe its because I'm still a little drunk from last night, but this is probably the funniest GW article I've ever read.

  • Andrew Sargus Klein

    totally thought that was Speaker Boehner in the window

  • Ze_Scoundrel

    HTF did it get up the stairs? I feel like it was racing its mother and sister home from the jail, and right before it got caught skipping school, it managed to escape and cut off its stereo's recorded sleep noise...leaving its parents none the wiser...OHHHH yeah...

  • I can't wait to see the bloopers reel on THIS episode.

  • JonTheTerrible

    This is exactly why I love the show! There just aren't enough canon balls flying around these days.

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