Mass Effect Female Commander Shepard Cosplay

December 27, 2011


Did everyone have happy holidays? That's cool, I got a new pair of shoes. They were probably more than I deserved. This is a female Commander Shepard by cosplayer and DeviantARTist Anais Roberts. As you can see, she's got the facial scarring and everything. Man, I was so evil in that game those scars were shining like I had a sun for a brain. Who did you try to bang? I tried banging Jack the crazy girl but nooooooooo, I say one wrong thing and she's all "F*** YOU!" anytime I tried to talk to her afterward. I wound up banging Tali'Zorah the lobster chick out of desperation. Please don't tell the rest of the crew. If Garrus founds out about this I'll never hear the end of it.

Hit the jump for a couple more and a link to Anais' DeviantART with even more shots and some worthwhile Assassin's Creed cosplay as well.





Anais' DeviantART
Mega Mass Effect Cosplay [fashionablygeek]

Thanks to beebs, who I totally would have gone after if she'd been a NPC.

  • Richard

    Nerf Gun is Nerf-y.

  • Jason Edwards

    I'm actually more impressed with the scarring than the costume

  • Wow it's really looks awesome.

  • chenlina1988

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  • Lauren

    I was at the event the top photos were taken at :D

  • Sam Dockery

    makes you realize how much of Shepards ass is open to fire, and how much of a bad shot everyone is in that universe.

  • I'll bet she wants a sensitive guy. One that will toss her a clip when she runs out of ammo or give her his last grenade...

    Shortwave Industries:  We think scars are sexy... except when its not.

  • I can assure you, she doesn't want ANY type of guy ;)

  • Super hot scar... my facial would never dribble off her face

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  • Robert Harrison

    nice i like the hat

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