Jian Sword Dancing, Now With More Gramma Participation!

December 8, 2011


Remember the original Jian sword dancing video? Of course you do, you've been practicing those moves in the bathroom mirror with a curtain rod ever since you saw it. Well this is a new one. Except this one's soundtrack is even better and the gramma actually gets her own scene. Granted she doesn't actually do any dancing, but I once saw a great aunt throw a hip out dancing at a cousin's wedding, so it's probably for the best. Why Aunt Verla thought she could still drop it like it's hot is beyond me, but I suspect it was all the wine talking. Please, you ain't got these skills! *trips over dog trying to booty-clap all the way into the kitchen for a snack*

Hit the jump, get your nunchucks out of your desk drawer, and follow along. But be warned: girl almost cuts the dog in half at 2:16.


Thanks to Occam's Hairbrush, steve and Jen, who can swing swords with the best of them but can't flip a f***ing pancake to save their lives.

  • Pitiiing

    I can't tell if they're sorta smart (creating a viral video) or stupid and delusional. After the first video I definitely thought they were stupid. 

  • Who the hell are these people?

  • Mar

    I'm just worried about that dog! That was close.

  • I think I want to impregnate that chick. 

    Same with the girl in Red.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    This is so supremely retarded and pathetic that it's blowing my fucking mind. They're trying SO fucking hard to become a meme that it's just sad.

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    in next vid, that old hag will fly off on a broomstick

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    its sad, when people get SO delusional...

  • doc brown ^^

  • AwkwardOctopus

    ..She's pretty bad at that.

  • havanother

    Is anyone else a little suspicious about how well it's set up? I mean, now there's a multiple camera setup, editing... The characters, the house itself, it's just too 'kooky' to not have been arranged by someone who knew what they were going for. Napoleon Dynamite for sure, and not by accident. 

  • Geoff Fong

    every video i worry heavily for that dog

  • Doctachud

    Thats god damn Diplo on the couch!!! sweet!!!

  • jerodast

    I kind of hated Napoleon Dynamite before this series. Now it may be my favorite movie.

  • instead of running with scissors.

  • Shocked.

    At the horrible paintings, I mean.

    PS: And yeah, next video that mutt is dead for sure.

  • scsunurse85

    Looks like another day at the good ol' homeschooling ranch. I wonder if G-ma even knew she was being video taped when she was walking through the house. G-ma thinks "Da fuck I leave the nursing home for this? these kids needa be in school." At least the girl has some skill, the guy ehh... not to impressed with the step butterfly flip routine saw that in the last "ahem" film they made.

  • Looks like a nice relaxing day at the old homestead... OOoooooo Sammiches

  • I hope they are not brother and sister. Actually i hope they are. I hope their blood line dies asap.

  • This family is the king of tucking in shirts.

  • Andrew

    Needs moar close calls with the dog haha

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