James Bondy: Tranformer Patio Conceals Secret Pool

December 16, 2011


Apparently Hidden Water Pools have been around for a couple years but the last time I went to the novelty pool store was never so I'm sure you can understand how I might have missed them. Basically they're pools with a giant pneumatic bottom that is slowly raised to become a patio. You can get one up to 18-feet circular and lower the depth of the pool from anywhere from 1-inch (for the worst swim ever) to 6-feet. Unfortunately, during the transformation whatever was on your patio is now in your pool, so you're gonna want to make sure it's clean first. Know what I'm saying? I'm saying nobody wants to swim with a dead raccoon.

Hit the jump for a couple videos of the pool in action.

Official Site
Concealed Swimming Pool of the Day [geeks.thedailwh.at]

Thanks to Mark, who just swims in water treatment plant like the rest of the mutants.

  • Classic Patios

    Nice ideas about pools and patios.....

    Classic Patios And Pools

  • Ann

    does it fill with new water each time? because that would get pretty expensive...

  • Right after saving up enough funds to get this kind of structure designed for family fun, individuals in many instances find they'll only use the pool for a couple months per year. Not everyone resides a place which experiences warm temperature conditions year-round. More than likely, it will not be warm enough to open up your pool area before the end of May or possibly in early June and the area will probably be closed up securely before the trick or treaters ring the door-bell.

  • I have one but the patio swings out in the summer for a pool deck.

  • how much?

  • This process appears to be a very economical process but there is however another water heater which is much more efficient. The device employs the strength of the sunshine in order to heat the swimming pool. Not only is a swim season prolonged, your pool heat expense drastically drops, occasionally disappearing wholly. Slap a few energy cells on the roof and start taking whole benefit of all those daylight hours.

  • Evan DiGiovanni

    Oh c'mon! You can't have the James Bond theme without a few sharks in the pool.

  • "PATIO yourself on the back for getting yourself into this POOL of death, Mr Bond!"

  • I want it to be able to lower to something like this

  • and if friend with the more dangerous hobby of passing out in pools. just raise deck don't have to drag their drunk ass out.
    even better looks like table can be up while deck is under water for placing drinks on

  • Daniel Sanson

    This sounds gret for my friend that likes to get drunk and pass out on patios

  • n11

    That is awesome. Now  can you make one with underwater glass walls so it can be observed from the secret laboratory? 

  • and a glass padio so you can see the pool under you as you sit? that way your dinner guests can see your magestic creation before being lowered down for it to feed.


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