Hover Anything That Weighs Less Than 12-Ounces!

December 7, 2011


In other hover-news, this is the $100 Levitron Revolution. It can levitate any object that fits on its hoverdisk and weighs less than 12-ounces. How? Magic magnets WIZAAAAAARDZ!

According to the manufacturers, "The Levitron automatically compensates for changes in weight by making up to 1,000 corrections per second to the electromagnets contained within the base."

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Buy 80 and build a hoverboard for your little brother?!" Wow, it really is like you and I share one big, retarded brain. To my basement workshop! "This...is your bedroom." I'm getting under the covers!

Hit the jump for a video demo.

Vat19 Product Site
Levitation Device of the Day [geeks.thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Mark, who once hovered a ping-pong ball over a hairdryer for 30-seconds before the audience started leaving.

  • Christopher Collar

    So you put your prized possession on it, it levitates and then the power goes out lol Then what?

  • Ok, I'm just gonna ask what were all thinking.
    Will it give me cancer if I rest my balls on it?

  • DapperNathaniel

    As long as your "Most Prized Possession" doesn't  weigh over a pound...

  • Rick Thomas

    fucking magnets, how do they work!?

  • Slurm_Cola

    Sweet, just strong enough to levitate a full Mt.Dew.

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