David Attenborough "Sings" 'What A Wonderful World'

December 13, 2011


Louis Armstrong: hands down one of my favorite musicians of all time. Granted he didn't actually write 'What A Wonderful World', but he is the best to perform it (with Israel Kamakawiwoʻole's coming in a very close second). You ever spent a night drinking and listening to old jazz records in the dark with the windows open? It's a spiritual experience. This is a BBC commercial featuring David Attenborough (another favorite of mine!) "singing" (read: talking) 'What A Wonderful World', all set to various nature clips. You know, sometimes I need a reminder that the world isn't actually the giant shithole I've built it up to be in my mind. This? This is that reminder.

Hit the jump for the video.

David Attenborough's rendition of "It's a Wonderful World" is a decidedly excellent way to start your week [io9]

Thanks to Anne, who agrees everything sounds better on vinyl.

  • I like to think that David Attenborough has never heard the song before and was just given the lyrics, and this is his interpretation of how it must sound

  • josh bailey

    i sense an autotune coming

  • Vicky Jones

    This man is my hero, i watch his nature programs religiously and cannot offer enough thanks for the effort him and his team put in to provide average Jo's like me a sense of wonder.

  • quickrick

    there's simply nothing that will ever amaze you people huh??... or am I
    just to stupid to find the bright side to simpler things?

  • It's just earth propaganda!

  • dillerberry

    Shelia if your out there please come home. Mama is worried sick about you.

  • frog fail 1:09.

  • jamesb

    what was that? Animals lost, we destroyed them. Now it's time to be destroyed. I can't wait to be featured in a robot tv commercial. 

  • kengao1989

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  • That's SIR David Attenborough to you!

  • What's wrong with that elephant in the screen capture? He looks like he has the visible spectrum of light coming out of his back. Or should I ask, what is right with that elephant?

  • Chad Burton


  • le first

  • Soylent Green Is People

    Congratulations, clownshoes.

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