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The Future Of Evil: Little Girl Laughs Maniacally


This is a video of a little girl pushing a toy car full of people off a cliff and then laughing maniacally at the carnage. *wiping tear* Supervillains -- they just grow up so quick, you know? It seems like only yesterday she was eating boogers. "That was this morning." She's nasty!

Hit the jump for a bright future in evildoing.


Thanks to Marlee and Charles, who imagine it's only a matter of time until this girl is highjacking local news stations and making ransom demands on air.

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  • MeggyMonster

    And dats how I keels mommy! Mwahahaha! 

  • Mvivanc

    Press 5 on the video several times =D

  • Get this girl a hairless cat & a monocle.

  • Grue

    Somebody get that child a swivel chair and a persian cat STAT!  Girl's got /plans/! 

  • haha yes! Thanks for the shout out! But the real shout out goes to the pint size villian in training. Mwaahaha...

  • haha yes! Thanks for the shout out! But the real shout out goes to the super villian in training. Mwaahaha...

  • Guest

    An indication for one to not buy a pet for their kid. Overall hilarious video.

  • Aww, look at the cute little psychopath.

  • I saw this video yesterday and don't understand why it's become such a viral "sensation."

  • Robin Manford

    Also, I wish to train more children to do this.

  • Robin Manford


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