I Will Shoot You From Afar: DIY Wolverine Claws Made Out Of Ice Skating Blades

November 4, 2011


This is a kid posing with his homemade Wolverine claws. He says he made them for $5 out of nothing but a couple old pairs of thrift store ice skates, a couple nails, a couple bolts, and access to an acetylene torch and bench grinder. Really -- and for only $5?! You sure you don't want to come clean about anything? There's nothing wrong with priding yourself on frugality, but you and I both know those are at least $8 claws. The jig is up!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a link to the Instructable to make your own, just don't expect to make a pair for under $10 like this liar. Three pairs of thrift store ice skates for $1.75 apiece -- please.




Wolverine Claws [instrucables]
Hey Bub, Learn How to Make Metal Wolverine Claws for Five Bucks [obviouswinner]

Thanks to khz, who's never made Wolverine claws before but has made a bunch of different laser lightsabers and he's always sending me pictures of them and I'm all "cool, cool" even though they're all pretty terrible.

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