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Don't Move!: First Manned Multicopter Flight


Ever wanted to be chopped to pieces atop of an exercise ball? Join my ninja yoga class. Ooooooooor strap yourself to this terrifying 16-blade multicopter. One slip and you're fertilizer.

The German e-volo multicopter is the first manned electric multicopter to take flight according to the company. The pilot, Thomas Senkel utilized a hand-held wireless control unit to steer the spider-like contraption from a center-mounted seat. The initial flight only lasted approximately 90 seconds, but potential flight time could last as long as 30 minutes. A gas/electric hybrid copter could stay afloat for as long as an hour according to the company.

Admittedly, I would take my chances with one. Of course, I said the same thing about the expired cottage cheese cup I had for lunch today, and now look at me. "You do look pretty f***ing awful." Like really bloated, right? "Super bloated." Okaaaaaaay, this was gonna be a test because I haven't even had lunch yet but I want to stop now before I get hurt any more.

Hit the jump for a video of the one small step for man, one giant leap into rotating blades for mankind.

Amazing Multicopter Could Be Your Ticket to The Heavens [gizmodo]

Thanks to joe D and Laura, who are all "jetpacks or GTFO". Hey, I'm with you.

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