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Sorcery!: Levitating Quantum Superconductors


Magnets: Now I'M not even sure how they work.

Just hit the jump and watch the video, you won't regret it. My brain actually exploded out of my skull halfway through and was all, "finally, I'm free!" which quickly turned to "oh SHIT, look at this dump!" and regretted leaving. You know what I told him? Nothing, I just drooled all over myself until he climbed his ass back in there because it's harder thinking with cobwebs than a talking skeleton might lead you to believe. This is a video of Tel-Aviv University demoing some "quantum superconductors locked in a magnetic field". Seriously, just watch it -- this is like the future. Of magic tricks.

Hit the jump for the very worthwhile video.


Thanks to Stu and Mark, who don't need magnetic superconductors to float, just happy thoughts. Damn, does anything else work? I haven't had a happy thought in years.

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  • Sean Rix

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  • Peter_Pedro

    What does it has to do with anything quantum?

  • Mike Gover

    Quantum physics is involved in how things are made up on a sub atomic scale.

    I assume he must mean that the cold superconductor and magnets must somehow mess with the fabric of time and momentarily teleport itself back through time for as long as it stays cold. Thus locking it in the state that it was placed in.

    No, I haven't the slightest clue what is going on here, I thought I'd try and write something satyrically funny.

    Just throwing superconductors at the magnet wall and seeing what locks.

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