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It's Minecraft Themed, I'm Just Sayin'!: Kristen Schaal's Latest Xperia PLAY Commercial


Remember that series of commercials for Sony's Xperia PLAY (the PSP phone) featuring Kristen Schaal? Well she's back with another one, this time Minecraft themed. Plus funny! Man, I just love Kristen's delivery. Plus Papa Johns'. AAAAAAAAH, I ate a whole pizza when I got home Friday night and STILL puked. I think it was the jalapenos. "And not the liter of bourbon?" God, you sound like my parole officer.

Hit the jump for the hahas.

Kristen Schaal wants you to build her a shrine... in Minecraft [joystiq]

Thanks to Tome, who built a shrine to Geekologie in Minecraft but it got trolled to pieces. Shocking.

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