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I'd Take Him Trick-Or-Treating: Lil Link Cosplay


If I had a son I would hands-down dress him as Link every day of his Ganon-forsaken life. Same goes if it was a girl. Or a pet. Haha, Chloe knows what I'm talking about! This is a little gallery (and video) of a little Link cosplaying in the forest with his fairy companion Navi. annoying. She's the kind of fairy I'd go into the woods with but then come out alone. Know what I'm saying? I'm saying I'd sell her to that old witch for a blue potion.

Hit the jump for several more pictures and a short video, but be sure to check out the artist's DeviantART for even more.






eric3dee's DeviantART

Thanks to raficus, Damian and bb, who agree the only good Zelda fairy is one in a bottle.

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    Such a shame not even one comment has been made on such a wonderful video.

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