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Clever Super Mario Themed Wedding Invites


You probably already saw these because they made their way around the internet last week like celebrity titty pics, buuuuuuuut I kept forgetting to post them. Hey -- you know what deadbeat dads who don't show up until their children are rich say, don't you? "Better late than never?" Hey, that's pretty good -- I was actually gonna say, "remember me?" but yours is even better. These are custom Super Mario themed wedding invitations made by Larry T Quach for his friends Esther Tanouye and Ryan Watkins. You know how they say rain on your wedding day is good luck? I vomited during a friend's ceremony and they only lasted two weeks. I HAVE THE POWAH.

Hit the jump to see the inside, some question mark block mementos, and the "vegetarian or beef" meal option cards.




Super Mario Bros. Wedding Invitations: Will You-a Mario Me? [technabob]

Thanks to flux, Evil Ares and mckinz, who have all had friends try to save money and just yell invites out the window. Smart.

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  • First of all your website is awesome and very unique for me. Wedding invitations are expensive nowadays, but after trying your ideas I am sure youngsters will definitely be amazed. Specifically, computer savvy's gonna love your wedding invitation designs.......

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