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That Looks Way Too Much Like A Ball: Peeling A Grape With The Prostate Surgical Robot


This is a video of a surgeon peeling a grape with the Da Vinci surgical robot to raise awareness for prostate cancer and help calm patient's nerves about the precision of the technology. Unfortunately, the doctor actually stabs the grape a couple times, which, while watching the video, I was pretending was one of my balls. That's probably why I passed out. That and the constant snipping sound. That is definitely one sound I definitely don't ever want to hear down there. That and chains rattling.

Hit the jump and try to not think about your balls, I dare you. You will fail.

Watch a prostate surgical robot peel the skin off a grape [wired]

Thanks to Kitty, who agree if you can find another robot that can wave a fan while you lay in a hammock, BOOM! -- instant harem.

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