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Mario 30th Anniversary Music Extravaganza!

mario-music.jpg making my eyes water.

This is an 18-minute trip (literally, some of the graphics are INTENSE) down Mario memory lane featuring a musical montage of tunes from Nintendo games featuring everyone's favorite plumber (unless your favorite plumber is the guy from Roto-Rooter you call when your shitter overflows, in which case no, not him). It includes music from pretty much every game Mario has ever been in and makes a great soundtrack for the day. Kidding, it's like having a 18-minute seizure.

Hit the jump, watch a little, then hopefully get sent home early for looking sickly.


Thanks to Marshall D., who agrees the best music from any Mario game is that shit that's playing in the original Super Mario Bros. when you're in Bowser's castle. Agreed bro, masterpiece. "IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!" Okay now let's not get carried away.

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