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Magic Machine Creates Cocktails From Typing


This is a homemade bartending machine that creates cocktails simply by typing. Every letter corresponds to a different flavor, and, by typing a word, you create a drink that, most likely, will taste like shit. But who cares -- it's f***ing booze! *pounding keyboard* SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALCOHOLPOISONINGHEREICOME! Haha -- my cup runneth over! *slurping off table*

Hit the jump for a time-lapse of the build and a video of the machine mixing in action. It even displays the letter you just pushed as the booze makes its way into your drink! (See 'W', above)

Build Website (with a ton more pics and info)
Automatic cocktail maker lets you type out your favorite drinks [dvice]

Thanks to Ferox and delacroix, who only eat their words. not as desirable.

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