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Nine-Pound Folding Fabric Canoe Fits In A Backpack (NOT IN A BREADBOX)


You know what sucks about canoeing? Trying to get in one and tipping over. Well, that, and you have to paddle, which takes work. Besides that it's okay I guess but I'd still prefer a motorboat any day. *mashing tits together* Well? I SAID GET YOUR FACE IN HERE!

The Adhoc Canoe weighs in at just 4.1 kilos (nine pounds) and shrinks down to fit into a bag that measures 13 x 23 x 70 centimeters (5 x 9 x28 inches). The frame is fashioned from carbon fiber and the hull made from aramid, a polyamide used in bike tires and body armor, among other things.

The canoe was designed by Ori Levin, but this is currently the only one in existence. "But I was wanted to add one to my emergency car kit for the next time I drive into a river!" Ha, same. Don't worry though, I added a video after the jump of a freestyle canoeing championship to make up for it. "Freestyle canoeing -- WTF is that?!" In one word? Amazing.

Hit the jump for a video of freestyle canoeing championship.

Folding Canoe Fits in a Backpack [wired]

Thanks to Tommy, who made his own travel-size swampboat out of a boogie board and box fan. That...sounds f***ing awesome. And to lil co, who is travel-sized herself and fits on my back.

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