Changing Bike Gears WITH YOUR MIND

August 12, 2011


You're riding it wrong.

Toyota teamed up with bicycle-maker Parlee to develop a bike with gears you change with your mind. The future is now! Jk jk, if the future were now our transportation wouldn't even have wheels.

Before riding while using its mind-reading capabilities, a cyclist needs to train the bike to read his mind. Its "thought sensitive" helmet picks up brain waves, which are transmitted to the bicycle's brain-controlled electronic "neurotransmission. "

The cyclist acquaints brain with bike by practicing with an experimental iPhone app, moving a cube on its screen until the neural technology associates that thought with the neurotransmission. Once the link is made, all the cyclist has to do is think in that way and the bike's gears will shift accordingly.

You know, or you could flick the little levers with your thumbs. "THAT'S ARCHAIC!" You're right. God, what was I thinking? STUPID STUPID STUPID!

Hit the jump for a video of the bike build and a short demo.

Bicycle Of The Future Shifts Gears Via Brain Waves [mashable]

Thanks to Mattlikesstuff, who likes stuff, but not Brussels sprouts. NOT BRUSSELS SPROUTS?! Soak those things in a little balsamic vinegar and MMMMMMMMM!!

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