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The Apocalypse Nears!: Strong Winds Cause Australian Waterfall To Flow Upwards


If there was ever a time to go over a waterfall in a barrel, this is it.

This is a video of a waterfall in southern Australia being battered by 75MPH winds and turning it into a water-rise. Get it? Because rise is the opposite of fall! Or is that spring? "Cut it out, GW." I'M SORRY, GOD.

John Magrath, a climate change researcher at Oxfam, said: 'The Earth is delivering a message to us.

'And the message is that more extreme weather is becoming the norm rather than the exception.'

Wait a minute -- the earth is delivering messages now? Because I thought that was Mercury's job. *shadowboxing laptop* F*** I'M KILLING IT TODAY.

Hit the jump for the short bideo (I ALREADY TOLD YOU, BIDEO IS THE NEW VIDEO).

Freak weather forces waterfall to flow UPWARDS in extreme 75mph winds [dailymail]

Thanks to Ponzi (I'm on to your schemes!) and Juan, who both claim they've seen volcanoes shooting ice. THE END IS NIGH!

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