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Waaaaaay Too Pubey For Me: Hair Necklaces


Excuse me if I'm writing this while I puke in my shoes but I mean, c'mon, a guy can only take so much. Chick looks like she's wearing my shower drain around her neck.

The human hair made by artist Kerry Howley who wants to "make discarded hair attractive again."

NEWS FLASH, KERRY HOWLEY: I don't know what 17th century castle dungeon you just crawled out of but discarded hair was never attractive in the first place. "Fingernail clippings?" Go -- just go.

Hit the jump for three others in case this one wasn't disgusting enough for you.




Human Hair Necklaces Make Me Gag [babble]

Thanks to maria, who doesn't make anything out of hair but voodoo dolls.

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